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Ocean Adventures

Where we go

Diving and Snorkelling on La Palma is generally conducted from the shore and most of the dive sites can be reached by car within 45 minutes from Los Cancajos where we are based.   This gives us many options to choose from depending on the weather and water conditions.  Our dive sites are suitable for all experience levels with protected bays and easy entries or exits for snorkellers.

Dives are generally conducted between 10 - 30m depth and can be done from the same location for all levels of experience, though some of the more challenging dives such as "El Torre de Malpique" is reserved only for the more experienced divers.   Malpique is also home to the famous site named "Las Cruces" which can be done by most certified divers.

A free guide of all the dive and snorkelling sites on La Palma can be found by following this link.

What you can see

Visibility averages about 20m and the volcanic nature of the island has created beautiful formations such as the arches of La Bombilla or the spectacular cavern of La Catedral.   Combined with the nutrient rich water of the Atlantic,  they create a perfect environment where fish species such as rays, moray eels, trumpet fish, groupers and bream can thrive.   Predators and gamefish such as barracuda, jacks and tuna can often be seen within meters of the coast due to the sharp incline as the island rises from the ocean floor.

When we go

Like the rest of the Canaries, diving on La Palma can be done throughout most of the year with average water temperatures ranging from a mild 19 deg C in winter to a warm 25 deg C in summer.   We have two scheduled dives per day from Tuesdays to Saturdays during daytime .   Depending on conditions and demand, we also offer night dives.

For day dives, we meet 9:00 at the dive centre for paperwork and registration - once everyone is ready, we leave for the dive site.   Times for night dives depend on sunset and will be decided on the day of the dive.

Dive times for courses vary slightly based on the course and weather conditions.   Your instructor will arrange these with you on a daily basis during the duration of the course.

Try Dive Experiences
Try Diving

Our popular Try Dives are the perfect way to have a glimpse into the adventure!

Designed as an experience under close and direct supervision of one of our instructors, you have the opportunity to see the world below the waters around La Palma or just enjoy the feeling of breathing underwater.

You need to be at least 10 years old (8 years for the pool) and after a short briefing and a bit of practice, you'll go with your instructor on a short 20 mini-adventure of your own!

Prices :

Pool Experience   55€

Ocean Experience  79€

Want to record the experience?   We also offer videos for 25€ per person with discounts for groups.

Our Prices

Like the water around La Palma, our prices are clear with no hidden costs.   Prices are per diver and include all taxes.

All divers must have a valid diving certification.   For pricing information about our courses, please click here.

Individual Dives

Prices include standard equipment rental excluding dive computers & torches.

Single Dive (shore)


Night Dive (incl. torch & glostick)


Diving Insurance

All divers must have diving insurance & valid medical declaration to dive

7€ per day

20€ per week

35€ per month

50€ per year

Dive Packages

Dive packages are per diver and can not be shared.  Unused dives are refunded with a voucher.  Package valid for 12 months.

2x dives   84€

4x dives   160€

6x dives   228€

8x dives   280€

10x dives   300€

More than 10 dives  30€ per dive

Prices include standard equipment rental excluding dive computers & torches.

Diving insurance not included.

Try Dives & Other Experiences

Ocean dive experience

Must be minimum 10yrs old


Pool dive experience

Must be minimum 8yrs old


Guided Snorkelling

Includes equipment use for the day


Refresher (PADI Reactivate)

Includes pool practice & 1 ocean dive


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